Are you bored?

It's great.


This hotel has free Wi-Fi.

Wilmer went into the next room.

My liver is heavily damaged.

I deal with those kinds of problems every day.

How would you know an American from an Englishman?


Secondly, some of the Creoles may become independent "national languages" in their own right.

Patricia and Paul are finally talking to each other again.

Weather conditions may change.

Is Mott ready?

So let's do this.

You can do that if you want, but I'd advise against it.

I'll keep you updated.

It was a good day.

Alain wrote a fan letter to Heinz.

This book is interesting except for a few mistakes.

Don't throw a ball against the wall.

Mussolini was a dictator.

Markus could hurt me.


I like spring the best of the seasons.

What was taken?

David doesn't miss anything, does he?


He tries to impress his friends.

Count me out if you go bowling.

Why would Julius stay?

I took up squash only a few months ago.

No walked back in through the door.

I intended to abandon everything to focus wholly on MARDEK, but I was finding it hard to stay interested and motivated.

Heather is often late for school.

There was a scuffle in front of the store when the new product was released.

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

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With your help, we'll catch Vern.

He left his wife and children.

If you like it, you can keep it!

He lost his sight in the accident.

I'm not good at sports.


Whenever I get on the subway, I put my wallet in my front pocket.

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Shyam isn't going to lose.

I didn't say I'd forgotten.

Emily is looking at the fish in the tank.

Margie was one of the first to offer help.

I thought you were happy here.


We should be going now.


Strange to say, no one voted for the candidate.

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One should not make fun of others.

The gang was mainly composed of drug dealers and dangerous ex-convicts.

The calendar interests her.

Connie turned on the radio.

Pradeep does everything well.

Miles doesn't have to answer those questions.

We're in the middle of a war.

Don't miss the train this afternoon!

I knew how to keep a secret.

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I wouldn't go in there.

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We'll probably need to talk to someone else.


We camped for two weeks in the national park.

She's starting to like this house.

Sorry to trouble you, but can you help me?


We watched the soccer game on TV.

I refuse to go.

They greeted me with a smile.

Hug Mac.

They should not have confidence in Stewart.


While the teacher was teaching, the students slept.

Anton stayed in Brandi's house.

When you put it so strongly, I can't say I don't agree.

I thought the game was over.

That does not bode well.


I know this district.

There will be a cake.

The snow began to fall so thickly that the little boy could not see his own hand.

Your privacy is important to our company.

Can you dance the two-step?

Who'd want to hire her?

They're early.

Did you hear what I just said?

You should judge a tree by its fruits.


Monkeys can learn a lot of tricks.

May I ask you an indiscreet question?

Am I pronouncing your name correctly?


He was surprised by what he saw.

I couldn't have predicted this happening.

What word or sentence would you like to know in Portuguese?

Misfortunes rarely come singly.

You and he are both very kind.

That kind of remark does not befit you.

My mother is a teacher, too.

A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.

When does the restaurant close?


I don't want to play tennis this afternoon.

There's only one bath towel in our bathroom.

Is she the lady who was dressed in blue?


I had to tell them that myself.

Well really, you are always repeating the same mistake.

I'm getting pretty hungry.

I'll sure be glad to get out of here.

With the development of supersonic jet planes, the world is becoming smaller and smaller.

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He lived a wretched life when young.

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Jeff likes strange sports.

Call the police.

Stop lying.

It was not easy to find gold.

I think I know how to find them.

What time did he get there?

I'm not sure Pascal's going to be willing to talk to me.


I thought it was a joke.


Are you aware that Terrance doesn't like you?

We have the same dentist.

You recognize this, don't you?

Why aren't you looking for a job?

Alexander doesn't see it that way.

That meeting was a waste of time.

The professor teaches Czech.

What was it that Clyde put into the bag?

Bert apparently doesn't understand French at all.

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Skef does have a certain charm, doesn't he?

Jin took Vijay to the hospital.

You are a dream.


My friend and I often go to the movies.

He greeted the lady.

To the chagrin of many Western composers, steel drums, or steelpans, tend not to be fully chromatic.


A woman conceals what she does not know.

Ian could've and should've helped Jinchao.

We will have an English test next Monday.

I'm used to staying up late at night.

Why are we still talking about this?


Everyone has their own way.

I don't have a contract yet.

Please come to our office any time.

Please let me off at the next stop.

I have to say, his safety plan is well thought-out.

Do you know how to crochet?

I knew them personally.


I'm not home on Sundays.

Tell me this isn't really happening.

I discovered that speaking English was pretty easy.

Kit is not as good a chess player as he thinks he is.

I will need to add new dictionaries to the library.

Come on back here.

I want a life.

Skef won't come back before 2:30.

We'll stay there for three months.

I'm asking you to stay.

Would you like some more orange juice?

I want a guide to Chicago.

He ate rice twice a day for many years.

His coming changed our lives completely.

These jellies are nice.


Have you two been fighting?

I'll take you to the train station.

Tammy nodded slightly to Lorien.


You've made them angry.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this.

He has written a letter.

Can I visit the Madam Tussaud?

What computer programs do you use the most often?

Even smart people are sometimes absent-minded.

When a new flu infects one human being, all are at risk.


English is spoken everywhere.

Can you smell that?

I think I like it.


Write me an email if you feel like it.


The first blow is half the battle.

The mountains in the Himalayas are higher than those in the Andes.

Just get your stuff together.